Omer brings us water. Carries the little glasses a…

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Omer brings us water. Carries the little glasses a…


Neil Shea







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Omer brings us water. Carries the little glasses across the field on a tray one-handed, like a waiter in a contest. Comes slowly over fresh furrows dug for cucumbers and tomatoes. The soil is difficult. Tough and black. Donkeys working it are white. Stones like little icebergs surface in black waves turned up by his wooden plow. Omer: deep lines, handsome, hands huge. His small wife smiles. Stops pulling weeds to look us over. It's their first field of the spring, the first hard day. Nieces are helping, sons helping. Their youngest, Sumaiya, not helping. Omer plucks her up and heaves her hip-ward and tells her so. You are no use, my love. She smiles. Digs into her mouth after a rock or stick. Above Omer's farm lives a dairyman who makes yogurt. Above him lives a goatherd who produces cheese. Above him hangs the mountain wall. In its shadow these men work wearing fine collared shirts with flat pressed fronts, their wives in dresses beside them, their children, everyone brightly attired and most without a smear upon them. They say that if you want to find the border between Arabs and Kurds, just set a camel loose and watch. Wherever the camel refuses to go, that is Kurdistan. Omer and I scan the ridges. No humps. --
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