Somali boy, Kakuma Refugee Camp I'm excited …

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Somali boy, Kakuma Refugee Camp I'm excited …


Neil Shea






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Somali boy, Kakuma Refugee Camp I'm excited to share that The American Scholar has published an essay based on writing + photos I first posted to Instagram. It's a short piece that tells another part of a story about a young orphan named Leah. The Scholar is also running a series of portraits I made during my time there, including one of this beautiful punk, who I've written about before. You can check out all of this using the link in my profile, and you can find this boy's story a little lower in my feed. Telling stories is about gathering fragments of truth and sharing as many as you can, and over the next few days I'll post here a short series of those portraits, with different captions, other fragments. I hope these pieces will help erase distance, reveal struggles, and frame beauty in the lives of the people I met in Kenya's northern desert. I've been searching for new ways to think about what photographer @DonaldWeber recently called “the periphery,â€ù and this collaboration is an experiment in trying to get there—to reach further, and show more, from the edges. #kakuma #kenya #somalia #refugees #everydayafrica #documentary #portraits #periphery #collaboration #theamericanscholar #instagramjournalism @salvarezphoto @unhcrkenya #kakumaseries2014




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