Farmington, N.M. -- Congressman Ben Ray Lujan sat …

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Farmington, N.M. -- Congressman Ben Ray Lujan sat …


Dan Schwartz.






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Farmington, N.M. -- Congressman Ben Ray Lujan sat in the center of the half circle of constituents also in chairs with his back forward and his heals off the ground. An old woman was talking sternly to him. He wasn't going to interrupt, but then she paused. "Am I able to respond?" he said. "Yes," she said. He smiled, his forehead still folded in the afternoon light, and began to talk about Obama Care. // He is a Democrat, in this city a man in a minority. // The woman began yelling, waiving an insurance card in one hand and an Obama Care card in the other. "Do you understand why I'm so frustrated?" she said. "Yes," he said. "Yes." He seemed to shift his voice into a third gear: he had been speaking smoothly, unhurriedly, but he was now talking speedily, bumpily, stalling like a slipped clutch on little words like "I, I, I" and "um, um." His hands cut gestures through the air. // He said later in the meeting that he understands a hard life. His father was an iron worker, he said, and when his truck would sometimes not start in the morning he would have to hitchhike to get to work. // Before that, while explaining Obama Care to the woman, he stopped when she started speaking with the same hard look locked onto his face. But she was now done yelling, and the heal of his right foot, in a black dress shoe, touched back down. But not his left. She was still upset.




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