Farmington, N.M. -- The city is shutting down this…

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Farmington, N.M. -- The city is shutting down this…


Dan Schwartz.






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Farmington, N.M. -- The city is shutting down this bus stop on the sidewalk next to the Civic Center where the cherry blossoms are now pink, and Randy thinks it is a good idea. "Get rid of this place. It's a party place for a bunch of drunks, bunch of drug addicts." // Randy, before I had even walked into the bus stop, released his first and last name in an introduction so rapid it zipped past my memory. Once I sat down, he did not need questions. Only an ear. The drunks and drug addicts take the bus here, he said. But "this is not a party park." He was looking at the street, talking with his hands. Drunks, he said, sleepin' in the sun. "I was wondering when they was going to shut it down." This place is out of control! His eyes suddenly on mine. Then back on the street. "There's a time for everything, and a place for everything. And this is not the place." // Randy got a DWI five years ago. He mentioned this twice. The DWI is why he did not want his last name in the newspaper. His probation officer might get pissed. But he gave it to me anyway. It's Kennett. // Randy Kennett has black tattoos on his arms that are faded from too much sun. A few front teeth are missing. When he was watching the street, with his jaw closed between words, his nose and knobby chin completed an imaginary half circle. He is 60. // Randy Kennett, who enjoys talking to people he meets so much he rolls through words like he is orating his own history, rides the bus once or twice a week. He has AA meetings he must attend. // The drinking outside the bus stop bothers Randy Kennett, who was standing up now to board his bus. "The whole box of apples ain't bad, but there's a lot of bad in it." He thinks there is a time for everything, and a place, too, but not here, not for that.




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