He's cautious about giving me his name. “What …

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He's cautious about giving me his name. “What …


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He's cautious about giving me his name. “What name would you give me?â€ù he asks softly, staring at me as though I am the one being interviewed. I am flustered, but I go along with it because I have already interrupted his lunch. After a few awkward seconds, I name him Tom Siegel. He reminds me of my grandfather Tom, and he's wearing a thin silver bracelet with Hebrew engravings. // It's clear by his briefcase on the chair and wrapped sandwich on the table that he doesn't live here. “What brings you to Hanover?â€ù I ask. Tom tells me that he is investigating whether the area is suitable for fracking. He laughs when I scribble this down. That's a lie, he tells me, but it's not far from the truth. // Tom is a very private person, and he tells me this right away. “People spend too much time merging their private and public lives,â€ù he says. But I don't need him to divulge a lifetime of personal details. I can tell a lot about him by the questions he's willing to answer. // After a few more made-up responses, Tom's eyes widen when I ask if he has children. He has a son, a “wildâ€ù 4-year-old whose birth was the happiest day of Tom's life. “I can't describe it,â€ù he says. // I'm nervous about asking for his picture. He disdains social media. “Do you want me to take it from an angle so that your face will be hidden?â€ù He shakes his head. “I don't have to hide anymore. And by the way, my name is Eric. It's nice to meet you.â€ù @katedumanian @dartmouthcollege #dartmouth #fracking #faking #truestory #probablytruestories #portraits #makeportraits #everydayusa #documentary #picturesandwords





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