Demands made by LA Community Action Network, a gro…

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Demands made by LA Community Action Network, a gro…


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Demands made by LA Community Action Network, a group in and of Skid Row. To date: 1. No charges for the officers who pinned unarmed Charly "Africa" Keunang down and shot him six times. 2. SCI stands for "Safer Cities Initiative." 50 extra cops for the 50 square blocks of the city's officially designated Skid Row "containment" zone. Proportionately, according to UCLA law professor Gary Blasi, that'd be like adding 1700 cops to suburban Van Nuys. SCI polices with a different set of rules. Not much in the way of the Fourth Amendment. Homeless property isn't really property. Everyone's a suspect. The rest of the city mostly thinks SCI is terrific. There's this one sergeant -- known by homeless as "the photo-op cop" -- the press loves to profile. He's so compassionate. 3. The much-heralded SMART team is comprised of mental health professionals. Around 60% of Skid Row residents struggle with mental health. Nobody I spoke to had ever seen the SMART team. The photo-op cop admitted to me that after the massive buildup of police muscle on the street, there aren't really enough resources for the SMART team. 4. LA is officially making more homeless housing and unofficially clearing out homeless housing to make room for those the homeless call, with some fear and irony, the loft people. 5. Good luck. ///




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