Enable sound. // I heard Geraldine Hughes sing one…

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Enable sound. // I heard Geraldine Hughes sing one…


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Enable sound. // I heard Geraldine Hughes sing one Sunday morning at the Central City Community Church of the Nazarene, a storefront church for the Skid Row homeless half a block from the fig tree under which four L.A. police officers held Charly "Africa" Keunang down and shot him six times. "The day that it happened," she told me, "we was here in church. When we came out, saw what happened, I was so angry they had police from this corner to there, a line of cops. And I turned into a preacher that day. I preached to them. I told them how you can get past the court, you can get past the judge, but you not getting by God. I went for two hours. They couldn't move. Shoulder to shoulder. I said, ‘You are accountable before God. You down here killing people, treating people bad, illegal search and seizures. I was preaching. I never preached before, but that day I was preaching, rage came up in me. It might have been the boldness of the Holy Ghost. Some people you help, some people you lift up, some people you gotta warn. Mmhmm. Some people, you gotta warn. You may have a badge and you may have a gun, but you're not gonna get past God on no day. You may get past the judge, the jury, you may get past your peers. You never get past God on one day. And you need to to know that. You. Will. Not. Get. Past. God.â€ù #cantkillafrica #blacklivesmatter #skidrow #losangeles #holyghost





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