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Jerry Nelson, left, and Jacob Anderson, right; Sunday, December 21, 2014 in Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, asked to share their thoughts on recent protesting and shootings in Ferguson and New York. // N: "Honestly, with the arguing and the protesting I kind of agree with cuz like there have been plenty of times like the guy that was killed in New York, like his situation, he said he couldn't breathe, and you know, the cop that killed Mike Brown, that situation, the cop said he felt like he had nothing else he could do. In my mind, I believe he could've drove up, he has a taser, and you shoot someone one time, that's pretty reasonable, but not to shoot him as many times as he shot him - A:"Yeh and they shoot to kill and he talk about how he was scared for his life, you 6'5" and he's 6'4", I just treat cops like cops, I see em I spot em out. I think it's bullshit, the whole situation, you know they beat the case like it's nothing, it's like they get away with it." N: "For instance, I watched this thing where a black cop beat a white man with a baton, a stick, and he was charged with a felony and assault, and he lost his job, OK, and then there's a white cop that killed somebody, a black man, and I'm not trying to pull a race card or anything here but at the same time they should be treated equally, if this guy lost his job -" A:"I'm calling it a race thing cuz I'm saying it like it is. I'm not saying all white men are prejudiced but it's just the fact that"-- N:"and not all cops are bad . . . but, being from that area, I know how the cops are, like me and my brothers used to walk around all the time, the cops stopped us for no reason. I was in O'Fallon, it's about 20-30 minutes away from St. Louis, but like I'm originally from Chicago and they're the same way.” // "Do you feel like the cops are that way here in Texas?" N:"I haven't had any problems with cops here, they seem pretty chill." // Their friend walked up, and they said they had to go. #BlackLivesMatter #Ferguson #NYPD #EricGarner #MikeBrown #guns #race #OFallon #StLouis #Chicago #Lewisville #VistaRidgeMall #Dallas #Texas #NewYork #cigarillos




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