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Bob and Tina Beshears; Sunday, December 21, 2014 in Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, asked to share their thoughts on recent protesting and shootings in Ferguson and New York. // Bob: "I think it's incredibly sad, I think it's too bad that race was entered into it, quite frankly, if the person is guilty than OK but unfortunately we have to consider the race. As a teacher I get tired of people grasping for that as an excuse for other things. I teach high school band and I have some band parents that you know, we've discussed it too, and it's that same grasp of, you know, we had an issue in our school where a big brother was beating up his sister and then all of a sudden a white person had to break it up and it was an incident and I was like, you were beating up your sister, and all of a sudden it's a racial thing." // "High tensions it sounds like" // B:"Yeh, it's very heavy on my soul, because I don't see it, we have a very diverse school, Garland High School." Tina: "I think for me, the whole thing is, it's disappointing that it's an issue of race, you know, if you had a black police officer would we have the same thing? I don't know. We don't really hear about that. People protesting, and the way they're protesting, it's like, I can appreciate the fact that someone feels they're treated without respect or whatever, but just because it's a matter of race doesn't make it right or wrong. So now, anytime a police officer has to deal with someone they have to be cautious, they have to worry about race, and we can't have our police officers feeling that way, they can't take care of our lives." B:" I'm OK with those cams, those body cams, but I think you'll need good audio as well, you know a good upstanding person isn't going to have a problem with that. I wonder what Martin Luther King would say about this issue and how everybody's looting and rioting. I was suprised in the media to not hear someone of prominence, like Jesse Jackson, not saying "y'all need to stop that," I didn't hear any of that. I think Martin Luther King, you know, the Gandhi's of the world were all about non-violence. // #BlackLivesMatter #Ferguson #NYPD




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