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Marvia Davidson on the left and her sister-in-law, Ashley Moghal-Davidson, at right. Sunday, December 21, 2014 in Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, asked to share their thoughts on recent protesting and shootings in Ferguson and New York. // M: "First, I have a very mixed family so I get it, but in some ways I don't get it. However my mother grew up when there were issues like that, and I think we have to speak up for injustice when we see it even if we're uncomfortable with it. Me, I didn't grow up in a black neighborhood, my dad was military, so I don't fully identify with all things black, and I don't necessarily identify with something else either because I'm used to being around everybody. I want to resolve things but I think at the same time they have a right to protest, but rioting, I'm not down with that. But we have to speak up for injustice - if I don't say something and then it comes to my door who'll speak up for me? So, I'm easing my way into the whole support. This is all crazy, like, you think it was all done with Martin Luther King was around but 50 years later here we are. It needs to be dealt with. My mom, I wish she were here right now because she's been working on a book called "I Used To Be A Good Black" because – because she has dealt with so many things." A: "My husband, he deals with it because when people see him they say 'oh you're from Africa' but if you were to talk to him on the phone they say he sounds white - his mom was a teacher and she made him speak proper English and all that. She was one of the first African-Americans at Texas Woman's University, only five started that year, but it was at college that she actually first dealt with being told where to sit, like at the soda shop . . . but me, I'm part Pakistani - people think I'm Hispanic but I'm not." M: "Yeh she gets mistaken for being Hispanic all the time!" // #BlackLivesMatter #Ferguson #NYPD #Pakistani #Dallas #Lewisville #VistaRidgeMall #Texas #black #TexasWomansUniversity #MartinLutherKing #GoodBlack #military




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