Couples: 2 of 3. // Night...

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Couples: 2 of 3. // Night...


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Couples: 2 of 3. // Night nurse 13 years and that was enough, at least for a while. She was good with difficult children. The troubled ones, the violent ones, she knows how to calm them. Night nurse 13 years, she couldn’t take it anymore. “But I’ll go back,” she says. “This is just for a little while.” Night shift at Dunkin Donuts, same job she had in high school. She’s 34-years-old. Yes, 34. // She and her wife used to live in the city. Manchester, New Hampshire. “It’s a tough town,” she says. “We didn’t want to do it anymore.” They decided to move to the country, roughly speaking; they’re in an apartment near the hospital. // “What changed was my daughter,” she says. “My daughter is three-years-old. I didn’t want her growing up around that.” Manchester, New Hampshire. “It can be a very tough town.” // Night shift at Dunkin Donuts, a few months now. It’s not what it used to be. “All these places gone to shit since K— took over.” K is the son of the couple who used run the store. “Good people.” The son, he’s something other. What, she won’t say. Out of respect for the parents. “They ran a good business.” Her wife used to work for them. That’s how she got this job. // “I shouldn’t be here,” she says. She only means now. Tonight’s not hers. But the kid to whom it belongs is not there. “I shouldn’t be here, either.” It should be the boss. The son. The something other. // Her wife has a lead on a job. “My daughter will be safer here.” And she’ll go back to nursing. “It’s my calling,” she says. “This”—her arm raises at the elbow, her shoulders unmoving—“is just resting.” // #photoessay 2/3 Couples #nightshift #truestories #picturesandwords




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