3 of 4 #MaryMazur // Next...

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3 of 4 #MaryMazur // Next...


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3 of 4 #MaryMazur // Next day I called the hospital. I wanted to know if Mary Mazur would have her turkey. A Thanksgiving dinner for the patients? Yes, there would be something. For the patients. But not for Mary Mazur, who’d checked herself out into the blizzard that came upon the eve of this Thanksgiving. // I called her motel. Mary Mazur had returned. And she’d gone. “Into the snow,” said Mrs. Patel. To buy a turkey. “I try to stop her.” She’d called the police, but they wouldn’t come. They’d had enough of Mary Mazur. Her right to freeze if she wanted to. // I called a number Mary Mazur had given me. Social Services. A woman asked me to spell my name. DOB. SS #. “I’m not the client,” I said. “All the same,” she said. “With whom am I speaking?” I asked. “Emergency Call,” she said. Mary Mazur, I said, 61, hospitalized, now likely lost again in the snow. “You need Adult Protective Services,” she said. “I work in Child Protective Services.” But there’d be nothing “Adult” could do. “A danger to herself,” I said. “That’s hard to prove,” said Emergency Call. // I drove into the blizzard. Empty roads, room to slide, but no Mary Mazur. // I went to the motel. NO PETS / NO CHECKS / NO REFUND / NO PARTY… ONE BED / TWO BED / KING… IN GOD WE TRUST / LIMITED TIME. // Man came in from the cold. A younger Patel, weight in the chest, the shoulders. The son. “What do you want?” he asked. “I’m looking for a woman,” I began. “Crackhead?” “Sixty-one,” I said. “Mary Mazur, wheelchair.” Her. “She went out into the snow. I tried to stop her.” Until she screamed. Then he held the door. “What choice did I have?” None. “What do you want?” he said. He stepped closer. “What are we supposed to do?” Chin to chin. “Should be Social Services,” I said. He agreed. “Leave us out of it,” he said. “It’s not our fault.” He stepped back. “I’ve been here since I was six-years-old.” He stepped back again. “We’re just a motel.” He turned away. “This place is a joke.” He went out the door. #truestories #nightshift #picturesandwords





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