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4. #A_Resourceful_Woman. “They think I can’t do nothing,” says Mary. “But they don’t know.” They: The three brothers she says live upstairs, the three ding dongs, she calls them. Her three children—rather, she insists, the children she bore—gone, but some ghosts won’t leave. “They turn off my lights, they change my channels.” She makes her hands into fists. Grins. Stands on her one good foot. “Psychos!” she says. “They don’t know I’m a fighter.” She hops to her TV. Taps it on with a knuckle. Bumps through channels, looking for static. “Snow!” she says, she hits the volume, loud as it goes. Upstairs there’s stomping. She grins at her TV. “Hear that?” she shouts—to me, to them, to anybody. || Mary loves her television. She likes Raymond, she likes Don Knotts. She likes horror. “My scary movies,” the slashers, “Michael and Jason.” She keeps her stars in pairs. Raymond & Don. Michael & Jason. Clint & Burt above all. Burt is the light, the one who makes her laugh, Smoky and Hooper. “And that one where everybody thinks he’s crazy just because he’s trying to kill himself?” The End, with Dom Deluise. Clint is the dark, the one who makes her feels strong. She holds out her palms, one in each hand, and clasps them together, the joke and the revenge. “Fistful of Dollars,” she says. “The Good, the Bad. High Plains Drifter. Pale Rider.” She pauses. “Unforgiven?” I ask. She nods. Close to the end. After Clint has given up his children, after he’s accepted what he is, after his partner has been killed. “Morgan Freeman,” I say. She’s not listening. “They whipped him,” she says. “Actually whipped him. And when Clint finds out from one of the hookers, the whores, he goes into town. And it’s raining. And he rides through the rain. And, ohhh…” Her hands over her eyes. The rain, the torches, the friend’s body on the porch of the saloon. She hears Clint cock his shotgun. “First he shoots the bartender. And Gene Hackman says, ‘You shot an unarmed man.’ Clint says, ‘Well, he shouldda armed himself.’ Clint says—” She opens her eyes, black and wide: “Any man don’t want to get killed better clear on out the back.” They run. Clear on out. “It’s beautiful,” says Mary. || #monochromatic





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